With a business partner I founded VidiNexus. On this page more on branding and style of the products and company

visuals on this page are photographed/designed/made by me

VidiNexus style

The company name is what is called in Dutch "potjes latijn". Vidi is "I saw": showing. Nexus is "network". Show the network. Tried to keep it fresh with accented colours blue, green on white and black. Blue and black as Technology colors, green and blue for the freshness as in up to date content



First name for the product: a bit difficult for Dutch audience and not really original. However, fitting in meaning and true to the features. Used in startup screen for devices.

grapevine |infinite source of inspiration


Styling for historical and business...?

A fine line between a "business" style for conferences and a more atmospheric style for museums. Most right is an early poster explaining the concept



A better name, explaining what it is for both markets: Expositions and...expositions. Automatically generated by the platform. It has a 70s feel to it, but the domain was free and it was immediately understood in a focus group test


What does it do

How to explain the platform in one picture. Show social media icons or not? Make it more universal by using a cliché icon for cultural markets? But again, understood by most people