LevendBoek is a product based on the VIdiNexus platform aimed at people with dementia

visuals on this page are designed, photographed and made by me

How it started

OK, so having this platform showing social media content…who could also benefit, next to visitors of a conference or museum?

When my dad had to go to a hospice in his last months, he got bored there and blossomed only when he got a visit. Talking was getting more difficult, but sharing pictures of anything happening outside was nice. How could we let him keep a bit of that spirit when he was alone? I decided to aim the EXPOmatic platform for this purpose: an easy flow of pictures, from family and friends’ social media.


My work

Making a prototype, visualizing with a mockup I created a consortium of parties who could add the most added value: a care organization (ZorgAccent) who was “ahead”, a research group who knew as much as possible about this target group (3 groups at Windesheim focusing on care, innovation and elderly) and of course, funding (province of Overijssel).

My role was projectleader, designer and business developer.


Product design

We aimed at people in care homes at first: people with dementia, living in a group of about 8 people sharing a so called “living room” and also having a private bedroom.

We tested it on several sites and did interviews with most people involved: clients, family and caretakers.

There were 3 concepts at first: tablet size for personal use, a personal screen on the wall and the “living room” version for an entire group.

Based on first feedback and considering time and resources, we chose to focus on the tablets for personal use. It was the most personal experience and most budget friendly if we wanted to scale up quickly.


Shared space

One "living room" version was kept in use and stayed a success. All daily activities were posted on a private Facebook group and shown in the living room. That was a lot more fun instead of watching the news after dinner!


Personal but shareable

The personal version could be shared : I designed a menu system for care takers, to switch between clients on the same device. Clients could not mistakenly return to the menu with a timed switch: push the button a little longer to go back to the menu.

Prototyped in Adobe XD



Big problem, we knew from the start: how to keep individual devices charged. I lead several brainstorm sessions with student teams and other experts with a lot of great ideas. We needed something simple, considering our very limited buidget in time and money so we decided on off the shelve solutions (hello IKEA).


Hands free distribution

Cooperating with maker and suppliers, we could sell a Samsung tablet > through Coolblue > and a care taker can connect to wifi at home > and the tablet turns into a "LevendBoek"


Tell a bit...listen a lot!

Workshops with potential clients, users and care takers. Brainstorms with experts in care and geriatrics but also family members. We asked a lot of questions, we got a lot of stories, valulable information and deeper insight.


Little bit of happiness

Best result: happy people