Maurice Markslag

concept | product | user experience


About me


Energized when working with users and clients, understanding their needs and translating that into a viable product strategy while using the best suited technology.

I am looking for that position where I can use my experience, knowledge and know-how, preferably in a team. A role where my pioneering spirit and creativity can thrive, to inspire and learn from colleagues, clients and users.

I have a broad range of interests, in people, technology and society. Having hands-on experience in design, development and sales I know the many challenges, fallacies and opportunities of developing and introducing new products.




VidiNexus and the product EXPOmatic: business development, concept, product/UX design


LevendBoek: social media for the elderly. Concept, Business development, product/UX design



Branding and styling for company VidiNexus and products like EXPOmatic and LevendBoek

Work before 2014

On the edge of innovation, 1997-2010. UX design, concept design, business development and visuals


A few examples from iMAGIS, my video production company. Made during 2009-2014 for Syntens, Dutch Chambre of Commerce and others


Océ Technologies / Canon

1997 - 2000, 6000 fte

researcher, concept designer, research group lead "Convenience Corner"



2000, 200 fte

product designer, lead of graphics/text/program


Telematica Instituut / Novay

2001 - 2010, 85 fte

UX designer, researcher, business development


2009 - 2014, 1 fte +flex

one stop video shop






*necessary field